Rule Rule 123-049-0060
Drinking Water Protection Fund


For purposes of implementing section 1452(k)(1) of the Act, the Authority shall administer loans and grants to public water systems for protecting surface and underground sources of drinking water, in order to solve or prevent health problems before the water is collected or treated by the system.


The moneys for these loans and grants are derived from the “local assistance” set-aside of the federal capitalization grant, such that unused amounts will be transferred to the fund, and repayments shall be either added to the fund or placed in a dedicated account for further lending under this rule.


The loans under this rule are distinct from the fund. Relevant provisions of this division of administrative rules, however, shall apply to the administration of such loans and grants(4) For purposes of this rule, administration includes underwriting assessments, loan awards, grant awards contract execution, disbursements, loan repayments and so forth.


Health Services (Oregon Department of Human Services) and the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality shall handle determinations of eligibility, prioritization of loan grant recipients and related duties.


More specific guidelines for the loans grant under this rule are available and included in the document incorporated by reference in OAR 123-049-0005 (Purpose, Scope and Incorporated Documents)(3).
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Oct. 29, 2020