OAR 123-061-0020

The following terms have the following definitions, unless the context clearly indicates otherwise:


“Department” means the Oregon Business Development Department defined in ORS 285A.070 (Oregon Business Development Department).


“Fund” means the Regional Infrastructure Fund.


“Grant” means funds for an awarded project that are not required to be repaid, if contract conditions are met.


“Grant and Loan Review Committee” means a committee designated by the Department, comprised of a geographically diverse, odd number of members from the Oregon Business Development Commission and the Oregon Infrastructure Finance Authority Board, to determine project awards. The Committee must include at least one member that is a representative from a city and at least one member that is a representative from a county.


“Loan” means a non-revolving loan for an awarded project. Loan funds are required to be repaid after project completion.


“Project” means a project funded by the Regional Infrastructure Fund that supports regional economic and community development.


“Local government” means a city, county, authority or entity organized under state statute or city or county charter, and includes any council of governments.


“Region” means an economic development district in Oregon, created by the Economic Development Administration of the United States Department of Commerce, for which the Governor has appointed a Regional Solutions Advisory Committee.


“Regional priorities” means the priorities for economic and community development established by a Regional Solutions Advisory Committee.


“Regionally-based planning committees” means Regional Solutions Advisory Committees appointed by the Governor as described in Chapter 82 Oregon Laws 2014.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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