OAR 123-080-0030
Program Information


The Authority shall prepare an Application Package each year. The Application Package shall contain the method of distribution, application forms, and other supplementary information that may help eligible applicants prepare grant applications.


The method of distribution shall include a description of all criteria used to select applications from local governments for funding, including the relative importance of the criteria (if developed), a description of how all Community Development Block Grant resources will be allocated among all funding categories and the threshold factors and grant size limits that will be applied. The method of distribution shall be adopted each year after public review and comment of the Annual Update to the State of Oregon Consolidated Plan for Housing and Community Development.


The adopted method of distribution section of the Annual Update to the State of Oregon Consolidated Plan for Housing and Community Development on file with the Department is incorporated as part of these rules by reference.


The Authority shall prepare and provide to Community Development Block Grant recipients a Grant Management Handbook which specifies requirements for local grant management, reporting, and record keeping, and the Authority’s monitoring and grant closeout procedures.


The Authority shall administer Community Development Block Grants in compliance with the requirements of the Act, as amended, applicable rules, the method of distribution, and the Grant Management Handbook.


Land Use Coordination: Any project activity paid for with Community Development Block Grant funds that affects land use shall comply with the applicable requirements of OAR chapter 123, division 8.


Procurement by Recipients: When procuring property or services to be paid for in whole or in part with Community Development Block Grant funds, the recipient shall comply with Chapters 244 and 279 of the Oregon Revised Statutes, as applicable.
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