Rule Rule 123-091-0015
Criteria for OBEP Fund Loan

In order to be eligible for a loan from the OBEP Fund, the Department must first find:


That, at the time a loan from the OBEP Fund is considered for approval, the Business:


Has at least 150 employees as demonstrated by documentation determined to be acceptable by the Department;


Is a traded sector business, as defined in ORS 285A.010;


Is not a retailer, as defined in ORS 72.8010;


Plans to hire at least 50 full-time Eligible Employees before the end of the two calendar years following the year in which the OBEP loan is approved;


Has stated to the Department that a loan from the OBEP was an integral factor in the Businesss decision to hire at least 50 full-time Eligible Employees; and


Has provided all information to the Department as requested and as required by the Oregon Business Retention and Expansion Program;


That the Businesss proposed expansion will result in significant, long-term economic benefit in the region and will serve as a catalyst for additional economic development benefits in the state.
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Jan. 18, 2020