Rule Rule 123-095-0040
Administration of Awards


Upon approval of a grant for a Project, Department will enter into an agreement with the entity responsible for completing the Project. The agreement will, as applicable, include, but is not limited to, the following:


A description of the Project;


Procedures and conditions for disbursing the grant moneys from the Industry Competitiveness Fund;


A requirement that private sector funds used to cover cash expenses for the Project must be at least equal to the amount of the grant from the Industry Competitiveness Fund;


A requirement that the grant from the Industry Competitiveness Fund may not exceed 50% of the total cash cost of the Project;


A requirement that a sign be conspicuously displayed at the site of the Project or a statement included on written documents produced as a result of the Project which indicates the Project is being funded with Oregon State Lottery Funds, administered by Department;


Reporting requirement(s); and


Other provisions deemed necessary by Department.


Upon approval of using Industry Competitiveness Fund moneys in accordance with 123-095-0020(1)(b), Department will procure the goods and services in accordance with OAR 123 division 6, Procedures for Contracts Entered with the Business Development Department.
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