OAR 123-135-0080
Loan Agreement Conditions


Loans do not require match. Applicants may be responsible for closing costs associated with the loan including but not limited to document preparation, review of documentation for legal sufficiency, title, escrow, recording or filing fees.


The Department shall set the interest rate for municipal and non-municipal loan recipients at the time of award based on subsidy need, credit risk, and other appropriate considerations.


Interest accrual, repayment and disbursement schedules, and other necessary conditions shall be stated in the loan agreement.


Bridge loans shall have a maximum term of one (1) year from the beginning of loan disbursement unless the loan recipient requests an extension.


Upon receipt of a request for extension, the maximum term of the extension shall not exceed one (1) additional year. If a bridge loan is not repaid within the approved period, a rate of interest may be applied from the date of first disbursement.


A bridge loan recipient may be converted to a term loan. If a loan is converted, a rate of interest shall be applied from the date of first disbursement.


The Department will set terms of repayment with consideration to the applicant’s ability to repay, credit worthiness, economic benefit of the project, and use of proceeds as defined in the project. The maximum term of a loan shall not exceed 20 years from the date of loan closing.


A term loan may convert to a bridge loan with the approval of the Department as long as the maximum bridge loan term of two (2) years has not passed from the date of loan closing.


If the project includes other funding in the form of loan(s) obtained from a financial institution, the Department may subordinate the Fund loan to the financial institution loan(s) if appropriate.


The Department has the discretion to establish loan terms that differ from those enumerated in OAR chapter 123, division 135 as long as it furthers the goals and objectives of the program.


For loan funded projects, the total loan amount shall not exceed the final total project cost.
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Source: Rule 123-135-0080 — Loan Agreement Conditions, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=123-135-0080.

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