Rule Rule 123-450-0010


Receipt of Funds. The Commission may receive from state, federal, or local governments or from the community at large, funds for use by the Commission for its own programs or disbursements deemed worthy by the Commission within the restrictions provided by law.


Purposes and Goals. With funds available to the Commission for such purposes, the Commission may from time to time, on application, approve and disburse grants to encourage and support artistic endeavor in all disciplines and to insure as feasible that the cultural resources of the state are made available to all. In the grant process, the Commission should consider the following goals:


To support and promote excellence in the arts in Oregon;


To make artistic activities of high quality available to all;


To disseminate information about arts and cultural activities in the state, and about resources for the arts that are available, both regionally and nationally;


To assist Oregon artists who contribute to its economic and cultural development;


To encourage and aid the development of regional and local councils and organizations that promote cultural development and provide arts related services to the community.


Eligibility. Grants to organizations shall be made only to those groups or organizations which are nonprofit and tax exempt pursuant to the then existing laws, with the exception of organization types granted a waiver, including regional differences, in accordance with stated Commission guidelines. Nonprofit organizations that do not meet eligibility and provide ongoing arts programming and services in regions without arts organizations may apply for an exception waiver. Grants may be made to individual Oregon artists through certain programs, as determined by the Commission; Grants may be matched by a grantee recipient at the discretion of the Commission.


Reporting. The applicant must submit financial information satisfactory to the Commission at the time of application and prior to action by the Commission. In the event a grant is made, the grantee must comply with the budget outlines submitted with the application and make records available from time to time for periodic audit by the Commission.


Action on Grants. All applications submitted to the Commission must be acted upon by the Commission in public meetings; provided, however, the Commission may delegate to the Executive Director authority to authorize grants minimal in nature, subject to ratification by the Commission.


Guidelines. With the approval of the Commission, guidelines shall be written and published that provides the public and applicants with information regarding the grants process and procedures. Appropriate forms and materials designed in accordance with such guidelines shall be made available.
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