Rule Rule 123-690-2400

For purposes of ORS 285C.403(3) to (6), following submission of the application for certification as described in OAR 123-690-2300:


The signatures of the local zone manager and county assessor approving the certification application are not valid if either one occurs:


After any facility property subject to the exemption under ORS 285C.409(1) has been placed in service;


After the operational sunset date prescribed under ORS 285C.406(2)(a); or


Before any of the following (unless formally reaffirmed afterwards):


The commitments by the firm in the application to meet requirements under ORS 285C.412;


The relevant written agreement and the corresponding letter of confirmation by the Department as described in OAR 123-690-2000;


Any resolution by the sponsor or a cosponsor of the zone that authorizes or effects the written agreement in paragraph (B) of this subsection; or


The requisite resolution or resolutions under ORS 285C.403(3)(a) by the county/city in which the Facility Site is located.


Approval of the certification application may occur after:


The effective date of the termination of the enterprise zone; or


Commencement of applicable hiring or physical work on exempt facility property.


Except as qualified in this rule and OAR 123-690-5200(2)(a), the local zone manager and the county assessor shall approve the certification application upon satisfaction of the criteria under ORS 285C.403(3), at which point:


The business firm is certified, such that it is eligible for any of the exemptions under ORS 285C.409(1); and


The zone manager and assessor shall send copies of the signed original certification application form with all relevant attachments to the firm, the Department and the Department of Revenue.
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