Oregon Department of Administrative Services

Rule Rule 125-007-0220
Information Required


An SI may be required to provide identification and information to have a criminal records check completed including, but not limited to;


Legal name and aliases;


Date of birth;


Address and recent residency information;


Driver license or identification card information;


Type of work or service being performed;


Disclosure of criminal history; all arrests, charges, convictions and offenses.


Social Security number, optional only, used solely for the purpose of positively identifying the SI during the criminal records check process.


Identification shall be determined by using methods which include but are not limited to;


Asking the SI for current and valid government-issued photo identification;


Confirming the information on the photo identification with the SI;


Fingerprint capture


The authorized agency, district or qualified entity shall not request a fingerprint card from an SI under the age of eighteen (18) years unless the SI is emancipated pursuant to ORS 419B.550 (Definitions for ORS 419B.550 to 419B.558) et seq, or unless the authorized agency, district or qualified entity also requests the written consent of a parent or guardian. In such case, such parent or guardian and youth must be informed that they are not required to consent. Notwithstanding, failure to consent may be construed as a refusal to consent under OAR 125-007-0260 (Final Fitness Determination).


The authorized agency, district or qualified entity may require additional information from the SI as necessary to complete the criminal records check and fitness determination, such as, but not limited to, proof of identity; or additional criminal, judicial, or other background information.

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