Rule Rule 125-020-0040
Requests to Inspect or Obtain Copies of Public Records


A request to inspect or obtain copies of a public record of the Department shall be made in writing to the Director, and shall include:


The name, address and telephone number of the requestor;


Identification of the records from which information is requested, if known.


The time period the records were produced and officials involved in producing the records or other relevant information, if known;


The format in which the information is needed (i.e. photocopies, audio or video cassette, machine readable, or electronic format, etc.);


The number of copies needed, if copies are requested; and


Instruction to the Department to certify copies, if necessary.


The Director or designee may waive the requirement, under paragraph (1) of this rule, for a request to be in writing, if it is determined that effective administration is aided by the waiver.


A review of the requested records will be conducted by the Department as necessary to determine whether the records are exempt from disclosure, in accordance with ORS 192.410 to 192.505 and any other references establishing an exemption to disclosure of public records.


The Director or designee will advise the requestor, within a reasonable amount of time, whether the records may be disclosed, the date, time, and place they may be inspected or obtain copies of the records, and the estimated cost of inspection, duplication, and other related fees as described in OAR 125-020-0050 (Fees for Public Records and Other Services).


If the requested records contain information exempt from disclosure, the requestor will be furnished a copy of the record with the exempt material removed.


The Director or designee may require and designate a Department employee to supervise the inspection of requested records.
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