Rule Rule 125-055-0015
Application for QRF Participation


A CRP that seeks to participate in the QRF Program must submit a complete application to the Department on a Department-prescribed form. Exhibits submitted with the application must include:


IRS 501(c)(3) letter;


Articles of Incorporation;




Mission Statement;


A description of how the applicant is operating as a CRP; and


A written plan for the applicants compliance with the direct labor requirement of ORS 279.835(5).


The Department reserves the right to require applicants to provide additional information.


If the Department determines that the applicant is qualified, it will send the applicant notice of QRF status. If the Department does not find the applicant qualified, it will reject the application and notify the applicant in writing of the criteria not satisfied.


The applicant may submit a written appeal to the Department within ten (10) calendar days of the date of the rejection notice. The appeal must state the error in the Departments decision. If the applicant does not appeal the Departments decision, the decision is final.


On appeal, if the Department determines the applicant is then qualified, it will send written notice to the applicant of QRF status. If the Department finds no error in its determination, it will provide the applicant a written notice confirming the decision. The Departments written notice under this subsection constitutes a final order under ORS 183.484.
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