Rule Rule 125-060-0005
Management of the Capitol Mall Housing Units

(1) ORS 276.046 (Authority for department to acquire and improve land in capitol area) and 276.054 (Declaration of policy concerning capitol area and other areas), authorizes the Department to purchase or acquire by agreement or donation, for development as a part of the Capitol area, the land lying in the area of the City of Salem bordered by Capitol and Winter Streets on the east and west and by Court Street on the south to D Street on the north.
(2) The Department may operate housing units acquired under section (1) of this rule as state office quarters, or as rental properties for any appropriate private commercial use.
(3) For each Mall housing unit used as a private commercial rental unit, the Department may:
(a) Set rental rates, security deposits and fees at par with the prevailing comparable market rates, and apply such rate schedule for the year with some adjustments allowed taking into consideration the prevailing market conditions or the condition of repairs of the rental unit;
(b) Enter into a written rental agreement with tenants on a month-to-month tenancy basis or a longer term lease, when appropriate;
(c) Conduct periodical inspections to ensure the tenant performance of the responsibilities under the rental agreement;
(d) At any time during the tenancy the Department may order the tenant to repair or correct the conditions listed below to be performed within a reasonable period of time specified, or in case the tenant does not apply, the Department may undertake the repair or the corrective action required, and charge the tenant for the costs. The conditions for such action shall include, but not be limited to, any damage to the premises above and beyond normal wear and tear, excessively unclean and unkept conditions which present health or fire hazards requiring a major cleaning work or a disposal of garbage and rubbish, any apparent pet damages, and any seriously neglected maintenance of the lawn and landscape.
(4) For Mall housing units used as state office quarters, the Department may manage the units in accordance with other appropriate policies of the Department.
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