Rule Rule 125-070-0000
Gifts and Donations for the Benefit of the Programs of the Real Property Division


As authorized under ORS 276.005 (Capital Projects Fund)(3), the Department may accept on behalf of the State of Oregon any gifts, grants and donations from public and private sources for the purposes set out in ORS 276.005 (Capital Projects Fund)(1). Any prospective donor may contact the Facilities Division Administrator or the Director of the Department to consult or to propose making gifts, grants or donations of any value stipulating conditions or limitations, if any. Such proposals may be addressed to: Director, Department of Administrative Services, 155 Cottage Street N.E., Salem, OR 97310.


Gifts, grants and donations approved under section (1) of this rule will be received by the Director or a designee. Funds will be deposited by the Department in appropriate separate trust accounts to be used for the purposes for which the gifts, grants or donations are made. When no specific designations are made by the donor, the Department shall deposit such amounts in the Capital Projects Account established under ORS 273.004(2), subject to any limitations imposed by the donor. When the Department determines that any stipulation or limitation imposed by the donor will result in violation of any applicable law or is contrary to any rules or policies of the state, the Department shall decline acceptance of such donation or gift. All donations or gifts, except landscape donations, must be approved by the Director before such an offer can be accepted by the Department.


All proposed landscape donations are subject to review and approval by the Administrator of the Facilities Division or the Administrator’s designee. Proposed donations may be incorporated into the landscape or the facilities only if the following criteria are satisfied:


Compatibility with the Department’s master plans or, in areas not covered by such plans, compatibility with existing facilities;


Compatibility with the local conditions;


Age and the anticipated general condition of the donation;


Anticipated maintenance requirements.


Memorial or donation plaques associated with any landscape donation are discouraged by the Department in order to simplify the environment and minimize maintenance. However, in case any such plaque is stipulated by the donor and approved by the Department, the donor shall provide the cost for the purchase of such plaque. The size and type of such plaque shall be determined by the Department. The Department may provide the mounting post and the necessary labor for the installation.
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