OAR 125-700-0135
Agency Internal Audit Function Governance


Agency internal audit functions shall select appropriate professional auditing standards to follow in performing their audit work.


To help ensure the integrity of the internal audit process agency management shall take reasonable steps necessary to assist the internal audit function to comply with the selected professional auditing standards.


The agency’s internal audit charter shall specify the internal audit function’s purpose, authority, responsibilities, and the professional auditing standards the function will follow. The agency’s charter must be approved by the audit committee.


The internal audit staff shall have unrestricted access to all systems, processes, operations, functions, and activities within an agency as needed to perform job responsibilities.


Each agency having an internal audit function shall establish and maintain an audit committee.


The role and function of the audit committee shall be stated in a formal, written charter that describes the authority, responsibilities, and structure of the audit committee. The charter must be approved and periodically reviewed by the audit committee and governing board (or agency head in the absence of a governing board).


The primary purpose of the audit committee is to enhance the quality and independence of the audit function, thereby helping ensure the integrity of the internal audit process.


If the agency has a governing board or commission, the audit committee must include one or more board or commission members. If there is no board or commission, agencies are encouraged to include qualified individuals from outside the agency on the audit committee, to enhance public accountability and transparency, and increase independence of the internal audit activity.


The agency’s audit committee will assure follow-up on internal audit reporting findings and recommendations to determine whether proper corrective action has been completed or that senior management has assumed the risk of not taking the recommended corrective action.


The internal audit function shall report results to the agency head, executive designee, agency management and the audit committee on internal audit activities.

Source: Rule 125-700-0135 — Agency Internal Audit Function Governance, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=125-700-0135.

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