OAR 137-009-0130

For purposes of OAR chapter 137, division 009, these terms have the following meanings:


”Advocate” means the Advocate for Minority, Women and Emerging Small Businesses as defined in OAR Chapter 125.


“Attorney General” means the Attorney General of the State of Oregon.


“Contractor” means an individual or entity that is obligated under a contract with the Department to provide legal services required by law to be performed by the Attorney General.


“Department” means the Department of Justice of the State of Oregon.


“Deputy” means the Deputy Attorney General, appointed by the Attorney General to that position pursuant to ORS 180.130 (Deputy Attorney General).


“Designated Practice Areas” means subject matter areas generally recognized within the legal profession as requiring specialized knowledge of a particular field of law.


“Lowest Overall Cost” means the lowest cost to the state taken as a whole including the prospective Contractor’s hourly rates (or other billing methods), available resources, expertise, and ability to accomplish an optimal, timely outcome to a particular matter.


“Master Agreement” means a document that contains contractual provisions that will be included in certain future contracts between the parties. Each future contract will provide detail on scope of services, delivery terms, not-to-exceed amounts and other items necessary to establish a definite contract. A Master Agreement is not a contract, but is a document of understanding between the Department and an individual or entity.


“ORPIN” means the on-line electronic Oregon Procurement Information Network administered by the State Procurement Office, as further defined on OAR 125-246-0500 (Oregon Procurement Information Network (ORPIN)), or its successor.


“Self Search” means a search of the Advocate’s list of certified firms for firms that meet the Solicitation requirements, using the Advocate’s Self Search tool which is available at: http://www4.cbs.state.or.us/ex/dir/omwesb/.


“Solicitation” means a written or oral request for offers, proposals, statements of qualifications, or other information from individuals or entities.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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