OAR 137-078-0010
Approval of Funding and Duration of Funding


To be eligible and approved for distribution of moneys under the Act (“Fund” or “Funding”), a city or county victims’ assistance program (“Program”) must be operational at the time an application for Funding is made. A Program is operational for the purposes of this rule if at the time of application for Funding, it is providing the core services set forth in 137-078-0030 (Program Content: Core Services).


Programs which are determined to be eligible under the Act and these rules and are approved for Funding will continue to be approved for Funding indefinitely subject to the availability of Criminal Fine Account revenues, OAR 137-078-0050 (Disapproval of Program for Funding — Discontinuance of Funding) and the following:


The Program shall complete an application for Funding, thereby indicating that the approved Program will continue in operation for the duration of the grant period. In the event the application indicates that the Program will not continue beyond the duration of the grant period, Funding for the Program will expire at the end of the grant period, or on the date the Program indicates it will no longer be operational, whichever is earlier. Any subsequent reactivation of a Program or initiation of a new Program will require a new application for Funding.


If a Program discontinues a core services as described in OAR 137-078-0030 (Program Content: Core Services), the Administrator may require a new approval of Funding, based upon a new Program application, in order to continue Funding of the Program. The addition of services to an approved Program does not require a new approval or new Program application for continued Funding.


Program Funding will be made to approved Programs according to the criteria for equitable distribution of moneys set forth in the Act and these Rules. Program Funding will commence at the beginning of the fiscal year in which application for Funding is made, and will continue for a one or two year period immediately following execution of the Grant agreement for Funding by the Administrator. Funds will be distributed on a quarterly basis or as determined by the Administrator.

Source: Rule 137-078-0010 — Approval of Funding and Duration of Funding, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=137-078-0010.

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