OAR 137-082-0240
Transfer of Funds


Upon approval of the application, and following the grant award, the Department will enter into a Grant Agreement with the county or the public and private agencies, recommended pursuant to ORS 418.746 (Child Abuse Multidisciplinary Intervention Account)(5) and (6) and approved by the Department, or any of the foregoing. The Department will disburse funds in accordance with the Grant Agreement. The Department will not purchase services directly from a local service provider.


A percentage of the Criminal Fines and Assessment Public Safety Fund CAMI Account appropriation will be reserved for each county based upon a biennial calculation that takes into account numbers relating to population under age 18 and crime rates for the county. Any unclaimed funds will be reallocated in accordance with OAR 137-082-0280 (Reallocation of Funds Not Applied for or Used).


General Fund allocation — Will be allocated through the same process under OAR 137-082-0240 (Transfer of Funds)(2).
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Jun. 8, 2021

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