Oregon Department of Justice

Rule Rule 137-084-0500
Sexual Assault Examiner (SAE) and Nurse Examiner (SANE) Certification Commission


The Attorney General establishes a Sexual Assault Examiner (SAE) and Nurse Examiner (SANE) Certification Commission. The Commission is established to help ensure that registered nurses, physicians and physician assistants who provide sexual assault medical forensic examinations in Oregon and receive compensation through the Sexual Assault Victims’ Emergency Medical Response Fund established by Oregon Laws 2003 c. 789 have the necessary training and qualifications to do so in accordance with the best standards of care, after consultation with the Attorney General’s Sexual Assault Task Force.


Commission members shall be appointed by the Attorney General and shall serve a period of two years from time of appointment. Terms may be renewed upon approval by the Attorney General.


The Commission shall consist of nine (9) members, one each from the following groups:


One (1) Oregon Certified Sexual Assault Examiner or Nurse Examiner;


One (1) Oregon Certified Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner representing the Oregon Nurses Association (ONA);


One (1) Representative from the Oregon State Board of Nursing (OSBN);


One (1) Emergency Room Physician representing the Oregon Chapter of Emergency Physicians (OCEP);


One (1) Licensed Independent Practitioner (LIP) (at large);


One (1) Advocate;


One (1) At-large position;


One (1) Member of Law Enforcement or Prosecution; and


One (1) Representative from the Forensic Services Division.


A majority of a quorum of the Commission may take action and make recommendations to the Attorney General. A quorum shall be established by a simple majority of Commission members.


The Attorney General delegates to the Commission the following powers and duties:


Make recommendations to the Attorney General for rules deemed necessary to implement the Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners Program, including standards for certification and renewal of certification by the Commission;


Evaluate and act upon applications for certification;


Identify, update, and publicize best practices related to sexual assault examinations;


Perform random SANE/SAE chart reviews of certified SANE/SAEs in Oregon to assure standards of practice as defined by the Oregon Sexual Assault Task Force are being upheld and set forth recommendations to SANEs who demonstrate substandard practices;


In accordance to nursing practice in Oregon if there is found to be any attempt to falsify documentation or demonstration of practicing outside of the scope of practice, a majority quorum of the Commission may take action to suspend or remove SANE certification; and


If a SANE/SAE has a suspended or revoked state RN, NP, or PA license to practice, the Commission has the ability to suspend or revoke the SANE/SAE certification.

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