OAR 137-105-0060
Little Cigars

(1) Every manufacturer of little cigars shall provide the Department of Justice with the following information:
(a) A list of brand families of little cigars that were sold in Oregon during the preceding calendar year;
(b) A list of brand families of little cigars that have been sold in Oregon at any time during the current calendar year;
(c) The name and address of all distributors that the manufacturers used during the preceding calendar year or intends to use during the current calendar year to distribute little cigars in Oregon; and
(d) Sample packaging for all brand families identified in subsections (a) and (b).
(2) The Department of Justice shall promulgate a form for manufacturers of little cigars to make the report required by this rule. This report is due annually by March 1, or more often if changes are made mid-year to the information required to be reported.
Last Updated

Jun. 8, 2021

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