OAR 137-110-0620
Documents Required of the Beneficiary


Within 25 days after the service provider makes the information the grantor provided under Oregon Laws 2013, chapter 304, and OAR 137-110-0610 (Documents Required of the Grantor) available to the beneficiary, the beneficiary shall provide the following documents to the service provider for provision to the grantor:


Copies of:


The residential trust deed; and


The promissory note that is evidence of the obligation that the residential trust deed secures and that the beneficiary or beneficiary’s agent certifies is a true copy;


The name and address of the person that owns the obligation that is secured by the residential trust deed;


A record of the grantor’s payment history for the longer of the preceding 12 months or since the beneficiary last deemed the grantor current on the obligation;


An itemized statement that shows:


The amount the grantor owes on the obligation, itemized to reflect the principal, interest, fees, charges and any other amounts included within the obligation; and


The amount the grantor must pay to cure the grantor’s default;


A document that identifies:


The input values for each net present value model that the beneficiary or the beneficiary’s agent uses in this transaction; and


The output values that each net present value model produces;


The appraisal or price opinion the beneficiary relied on most recently to determine the value of the property that is the subject of the residential trust deed;


The portion of any pooling agreement, servicing agreement or other agreement that the beneficiary cites as a limitation or prohibition on modifying the terms of the obligation, together with a statement that describes the extent to which the beneficiary sought to have the limitation or prohibition waived;


A description of any additional documents the beneficiary requires to evaluate the grantor’s eligibility for a foreclosure avoidance measure.


Nothing in section (1)(e) of this rule requires a beneficiary or the beneficiary’s agent to disclose the algorithmic formula of the net present value model used by the beneficiary or the beneficiary’s agent.


If a beneficiary fails to timely provide documents as required by section (1) of this rule, the grantor and the beneficiary shall nevertheless appear at the resolution conference. A beneficiary who fails to provide a document required by this rule is at risk of the resolution conference concluding without the beneficiary receiving a certificate of compliance.

Source: Rule 137-110-0620 — Documents Required of the Beneficiary, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=137-110-0620.

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Jun. 8, 2021

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