OAR 141-050-0915
Register File

The Register may include file(s) of registered natural areas:


The card file may include name of natural area, location, size, ownership, register category, and principal Natural Heritage Resource(s) and special species. The card file may be cross referenced by county and principal resource.


The data file may include:


Data Form — Comprehensive information compiled for each natural area;


Instrument of Dedication — Or other documents certifying official dedication;


Consent Form — Written consent for natural areas on private land;


Supportive Data — Includes maps, photographs, remote sensing imagery, species lists, field notes, reports, research papers, and references to other information available;


Cross references to the Data Bank — To data file, computer and manual file consistent with data bank components;


Implementation Data — Written management agreement pertaining to the natural area;


Summary Sheet — A map and one page summary of information about each area which can be duplicated and circulated to appropriate authorities.
Last Updated

Jun. 8, 2021

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