OAR 141-070-0010


“Anniversary Date” means the annual anniversary of the month and day specified in the first paragraph of the lease agreement.


“Cash Bonus” means a per-acre sum of cash offered by a bidder as consideration for the execution of an oil and gas lease. A cash bonus is neither rent nor royalty but in addition thereto.


“Director” means the Director of the Division of State Lands or his or her designee.


“Division” means the Division of State Lands.


“Environmental Impact Assessment” means an environmental analysis prepared by the lessee on a form provided by the Division describing how the lessee’s proposed activity will affect the natural resources including fish, wildlife, water, recreational, scenic and other resources of the leased lands; and describing the actions lessee will take to minimize these impacts.


“Geophysical Survey” means the investigation of subsurface geological conditions by any method, including but not limited to the following: seismic, gravity, magnetics, electric and geochemical sampling.


“Long Ton” means an amount equal to 2,240 pounds.


“Negotiated Lease” means a lease varying from the standard form of lease, negotiated for lease parcels of less than the minimum 40 acres in size, pursuant to the requirements of OAR 141-070-0050 (General Leasing Conditions)(6).


“Operations Plans” means the written plan of operations for oil and gas production and associated activities required by the State Department of Geology and Mineral Industries in conjunction with obtaining a drilling permit.


“Surface Entry” means entry upon the surface of the leased premises to drill, mine, produce, lay pipelines or otherwise disturb the surface of the property. As used herein, a surface entry permit is not required to conduct geophysical or other nondestructive survey techniques such as geological mapping of the surface.


“Shut in Well” means a well that is capable of producing oil and gas but production from the well has been temporarily halted.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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