OAR 141-095-0005


This division adopts the Department of State Lands state agency coordination program entitled “A Program for Coordinating DSL’s Activities with Oregon’s Cities and Counties, Tribal Governments, Federal and State Agencies, and Special Districts” pursuant to ORS 197.180 (State agency planning responsibilities) and chapter 660, divisions 030 and 031.


The four required elements of a state agency coordination program listed in ORS 197.180 (State agency planning responsibilities)(3)(a)–(d) and OAR 660-030-0060 (Required Elements of an Agency Coordination Program)(2)(a)–(d) are an agency’s:


Rules and summaries of programs determined to affect land use (i.e., land use programs);


Exempt and compatible land use programs and procedures for assuring that such programs will comply with the statewide planning goals and be compatible with acknowledged comprehensive plans and land use regulations;


Procedures for coordinating its land use programs with state and federal agencies, and special districts; and


Program for cooperation with and technical assistance to local governments.


Upon adoption by the State Land Board, this state agency coordination program replaces the department’s previous state agency coordination adopted by the State Land Board on October 23, 1990.


This division becomes effective upon approval by the Department of Land Conservation and Development or upon certification by the Land Conservation and Development Commission.


Copies of the department’s state agency coordination program are available at the following locations:


Department of State Lands, 775 Summer Street, Suite 100, Salem, Oregon 97301-1279; DSL website: www.oregonstatelands.us; and


Department of Land Conservation and Development, 635 Capitol Street NE, Suite 150, Salem, Oregon 97301-2540.
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