OAR 141-102-0010

(1) It is the policy of the State of Oregon to protect ESH.
(2) To achieve this policy, the Department shall:
(a) Consult with ODFW concerning the status of Oregon’s indigenous anadromous salmonid species.
(b) Identify ESH in consultation with ODFW and other affected parties.
(c) Provide for public comment. Recognize the high level of public interest in ESH by providing opportunities for public review and comment when there are proposed changes to ESH designations.
(d) Provide opportunities for Tribal consultation and engagement to all federally recognized Tribes in Oregon, recognizing the varied interests and unique connections Tribes have with salmonids and their habitat.
(e) Promote awareness of ESH. Raising awareness is the best way to protect ESH. Coordinate with other natural resource agencies to promote awareness of ESH and ESH updates.
(f) Review all projects proposed in ESH pursuant to the standards set forth in the state’s Removal-Fill Law (ORS 196.600 (Definitions for ORS 196.600 to 196.655) to 196.990 (Penalties)) and rules (OAR 141-085).
Last Updated

Jun. 8, 2021

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