OAR 141-123-0010
Purpose and Applicability


These rules:
(a) Govern the granting and renewal of easements on state-owned Non-Trust land as specified herein.
(b) Do not apply to the:
(A) Granting of easements for State-Owned Trust lands under OAR 141-122 (Rules for Granting Easements on Trust Land)
(B) Granting of easements for fiber optic and other cables on state-owned submerged and submersible land within the Territorial Sea, an activity governed by OAR 141-083 (Rules for Granting Easements for Fiber Optic and Other Cables on State-Owned Submerged and Submersible Land Within the Territorial Sea);
(C) Granting of authorizations for hydroelectric projects on state-owned Non-Trust Land, an activity governed by OAR 141-087 (Hydroelectric Projects);
(D) Granting of authorizations for remediation and habitat restoration activities governed by OAR 141-145 (Rules Governing the Management of State-Owned Submerged and Submersible Land Subject to Remediation and Habitat Restoration Activities);
(E) Granting of authorizations for leases, licenses and registrations for structures on and uses of state-owned submerged and/or submersible lands governed by OAR 141-082 (Rules Governing the Management Of, And Issuing of Leases, Licenses and Registrations for Structures On, And Uses of State-Owned Submerged and Submersible Land).
(F) Dedication of roads or rights-of-way required of the Department or its agents by local government resulting from a local land use approval involving state-owned land; or
(G) Existing valid easements or right of ways granted, by the Department of State
Lands (Department) or State Land Board, prior to the adoption of these rules.
(c) Require prior authorization for all uses described under OAR 141-123-0010 (Purpose and Applicability)(2) and (3) unless otherwise exempt from easement under the provisions of OAR 141-123-0010 (Purpose and Applicability)(4) of these rules.
(d) Contain specific provisions relating to the granting of easements by the Department to persons who have or will place a structure or facility on state-owned Non-Trust Land necessary to take water for which they have a right to use.
(2) Unless otherwise exempt under the provisions of OAR 141-123-0010 (Purpose and Applicability)(4) of these rules, developments and uses of state-owned Non-Trust Land subject to easement include, but are not limited to the following:
(a) Water, gas, electric and communication service lines (including fiber optic cables) and associated equipment such as pumping stations, transformers and meters;
(b) Innerducts and conduits for cables (regardless of whether they contain a cable or are in use);
(c) Water supply pipelines, ditches, canals, and flumes;
(d) Drainage and irrigation works;
(e) Sewer, storm, and cooling water lines, including storm water outfalls and other outfalls;
(f) Bridges, skylines, and logging lines;
(g) Railroad and light rail track, bridges, stations, depots, and other related facilities;
(h) Roads and trails of all types;
(i) Overhead transportation lines (for example, tramways, etc.);
(j) Storage of materials (for example, sand, gravel, dredge spoils, etc.); and
(k) Other encroachments
(l) Erosion control structures, dikes, levees, and tide-gates.
(3) The Department Director may determine that other uses and developments similar to those specified in OAR 141-123-0010 (Purpose and Applicability)(2) are also subject to authorization by, or exempted from, an easement and these rules.
(4) An easement is not required:
(a) For uses or developments on state-owned Non-Trust Land that would require an easement under these rules if the person undertaking the use or owning the development has obtained a valid authorization from the Department pursuant to the provisions of OAR 141-082 (Leasing And Registration Of Structures On, And Uses Of State-Owned Submerged And Submersible Lands); OAR141-145 (Authorizations For Remediation And Habitat Restoration Activities); or OAR 141-125 (Authorizing Special Uses On State-Owned Land), provided the proposed use or development is located on the land which is subject of the authorization, is incidental to the specific use that is the subject of the authorization, and does not result in an additional burden on the land; or
(b) For any structure or facility necessary for the use of water crossing or situated on state-owned submersible land if the below conditions apply:
(A) The withdrawal is authorized by a valid right to use the water; and
(B) The water is used exclusively for irrigation or domestic use.
(c) For water, gas, electric and communication lines physically attached to and supported by county or state-owned bridges that cross state-owned waterways which are located outside of city limits. If the water, gas, electric and communication lines are located within a city, or cross a state-owned waterway within a city, they are subject to easement unless otherwise exempt by these rules.
(5) A person who is exempt from obtaining an easement under the provisions of OAR 141-123-0010 (Purpose and Applicability)(4) may apply to obtain an easement and the Department may authorize an easement even though none is required under these rules. The application shall be processed in accordance with OAR 141-123-0050 (Easement Application Review and Approval Process).

Source: Rule 141-123-0010 — Purpose and Applicability, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=141-123-0010.

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