OAR 142-010-0020
Restricted Activities

The following uses of the Reserve are permitted with restrictions, subject to applicable fees under OAR 142, division 15 and to action taken by the Commission under rules 142-010-0025 (Public Health, Safety, and Welfare), 142-010-0030 (Temporary Closure) and other appropriate governmental agency regulations:


Picking of forest greenery for personal use is permitted only upon written approval by the Manager. The amount gathered should be no more than 10 pounds per day unless otherwise stated in the permit.


Overnight use of the Reserve is allowed only with written permission of the Manager.


Chemical fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides will be used within the Reserve only if necessary to assure sound management of the ecosystem. Any allowed application of such chemicals shall be approved in writing by the Commission, after consultation with the Advisory Group, in accordance with best management practices so as to prevent direct application or discharge to the estuary waters. It is the intent of the Commission to preferentially utilize nonchemical management techniques of pest control. Chemicals will be utilized for pest or weed control only after it has been determined that the nature and integrity of the ecosystem is endangered by the pest or weed.


Digging for artifacts is not permitted except as pursuant to ORS 390.235 (Permits and conditions for excavation or removal of archaeological or historical material) et seq. and with the written permission of the Commission.


Open fires are allowed only upon approval of the Reserve Manager.


Hunting is allowed only during authorized waterfowl and game hunting seasons, subject to Department of Fish and Wildlife regulations, except in specific areas where the Commission may prohibit hunting for the protection of the health, safety, and welfare of the public. Areas closed to hunting will be posted.


Hunting and Observation Blinds are allowed within the boundaries of the Reserve, but a blind must be taken down and removed from the Reserve at the end of each day.


Motorized boating is permitted except in special protection zones: areas excepted for public health, safety, and welfare, educational uses, and scientific research. Motorized boating will be at reduced speed that will limit the wake to less than a one-foot wave height in order to prevent disturbance to the tidelands and wildlife habitats.


Construction of boat launch and tie-up facilities is permitted only as necessary for health, safety, research, or education.


Oyster culture is limited to the 100 acres as provided in the OCZM grant. The Commission shall recommend appropriate action on each oyster culture application or changes to existing plats within the Reserve to the Reserve of Agriculture.


Tree removal from Reserve lands may occur only with the approval of the Commission, after consultation with the Advisory Group, and only for the following reasons:


Salvage of windthrow, dead, and dying trees;


High risk to invasion of forest insects and diseases;


Hazards to visiting public and scientists;


Experimental and scientific projects;


To maintain adequate clear space for existing powerline corridors;


Thinning to maintain a healthy forest stand.


Firewood cutting for personal use requires a permit from the Reserve Manager.


Pets are permitted only if on a leash or under the direct control of the owner.


Recreational mineral gathering requires a permit from the Manager.


Horseback riding is permitted except in designated areas and not within any watercourse. Information about designated areas may be obtained at Reserve Headquarters.


Picnicking is permitted except in designated areas.


Recreational mushroom gathering, up to a maximum of one gallon per day, is permitted except in designated areas.


Recreational berry picking is permitted except in designated areas.


Recreational bait gathering is permitted except in designated areas subject to Oregon Reserve of Fish and Wildlife regulations.


Recreational clamming is permitted except in designated areas.


No dredging, filling or altering the natural environment except upon the approval of the proposed activities by the Commission.


Motorized off-road vehicles are prohibited except on designated county-maintained roads or driveways approved by the Commission.


Construction of roads is not allowed except by special permit issued by the Commission.


No deliberate introduction of a non-native species (or subspecies) within the Research Reserve’s administrative boundaries without the prior approval of the Commission


Trapping within the Reserve’s administrative boundaries is prohibited, except for research or management purposes, and then only with the approval of the Manager.


Guiding by commercial groups within the Reserve is prohibited unless authorized under a Permit issued by the Reserve Manager and in compliance with any conditions imposed by that Permit.


New or increased commercial activities which are not existing as of the creation of the Reserve in June 1974 must be authorized by the Reserve Manager after consultation and approval by the Commission.

Source: Rule 142-010-0020 — Restricted Activities, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=142-010-0020.

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