Oregon Department of Revenue

Rule Rule 150-293-0040
Notification of Requirement to Make Payments by Electronic Funds Transfer; Penalty for Noncompliance; Exceptions


Any person, required by federal law to make federal corporation estimated tax payments or federal payroll tax payments by means of electronic funds transfer (EFT), is also required to make such payments by EFT for Oregon corporation estimated tax (ORS 314.518 (Estimated tax payments by electronic funds transfer)) and Oregon combined quarterly payroll taxes and assessments (ORS 316.198 (Payment by electronic funds transfer)).


The department will notify a person, in writing, of the requirement to make payments by EFT. The notice will provide the person with information as to how to register and begin making EFT payments, and will inform the person of the penalty for failure to comply.


If a person does not begin making payments by EFT within 90 days after notification, as described in section (2), a penalty may be assessed equal to five percent of the payments made by means other than EFT received after the 90 days has expired.


A penalty will not be assessed against payments made by means other than EFT if at the time payment is due:


The person is not required to make such payments by EFT for federal purposes;


Payment by electronic funds transfer is not possible because of the registration waiting period;


The department’s EFT system or the Automated Clearing House Network is not operational;


The department has granted the person an exemption from the requirement to make payment by EFT; or


Any other circumstance occurs which, in the judgment of the department, reasonably prevented the person from paying by EFT.

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