OAR 150-306-0060
Sufficiency of a Petition


A petitioner must be one of the following for each of the years that supervisory jurisdiction is requested:


An owner of the property;


A person holding an interest in the property that obligates the person to pay taxes imposed on the property. An interest that obligates the person to pay taxes includes a contract, lease, or other intervening instrumentality;


The assessor of the county in which the property is located; or


The clerk or tax collector of the county in which the property affected by the petition is located, if the petition involves a clerical or jurisdictional error in an order from a county Board of Property Tax Appeals.


The purpose of a petition is to inform the department and the nonpetitioning participant of the nature of the claim for relief. For this reason, petitions to the department must include the following information:


Specific facts asserted that satisfy the conditions of OAR 150-306-0050 (Supervisory Authority);


A statement of the specific result requested by the petitioner;


Petitioner’s address and phone number;


The signature of the petitioner or authorized representative, verified by a written declaration that the contents of the petition are true and made subject to the statutory penalties for false swearing;


The assessor’s tax account number or identification number of the property in question;


In a petition regarding an act or omission by a county tax official or the department, a copy of the written notice of the act or omission that is the subject of the petition must be attached.


The department will review all petitions filed (except those filed pursuant to ORS 308.584 (Request for conference to modify tentative assessment), relating to properties centrally assessed by the department) and determine their compliance with this rule. If the department finds a petition to be deficient in any material respect, the department will provide written notice of the deficiency to the petitioner by a letter mailed to the address appearing on the filing. The petitioner has 30 days from the mailing date of the notice to provide the information requested by the department. If the deficiency is not cured within the 30-day period, the petition may be dismissed without further proceedings.


Any petition which is filed by someone who does not appear to be a proper petitioner, or authorized representative pursuant to ORS 305.230 (Qualifications of persons representing taxpayer), will not be considered a valid petition. The petition will be returned to the sender. The petition may be refiled at a later time with the appropriate authorization. However, the filing date is the day the petition from a proper petitioner or an authorized representative is deemed to be filed or received pursuant to 305.820 (Date when writing, remittance or electronic filing deemed received by tax officials).

Source: Rule 150-306-0060 — Sufficiency of a Petition, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=150-306-0060.

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