OAR 161-025-0030
Appraiser Assistant

The appraiser assistant must register with the Board in order to receive experience credit towards obtaining a real estate appraiser license or certificate.


An appraiser assistant must work under the direct supervision of an Oregon certified appraiser.


The appraiser assistant, before performing an assignment for a supervising appraiser, must have the knowledge and experience to complete the assignment competently.


All appraisal work completed by an appraiser assistant shall be prepared in compliance with USPAP and these administrative rules.


An appraiser assistant may assist in the preparation of any and all components of the appraisal.


An appraiser assistant may sign an appraisal report, provided their supervising appraiser co-signs the appraisal report and accepts full responsibility for the contents of the appraisal report.


The extent of the assistance provided by an appraiser assistant to a supervising appraiser must be disclosed in the appraisal report as described in OAR 161-025-0025 (Supervising Appraiser (SA))(3)(d).


When inspecting a property, the appraiser assistant must not misrepresent their status and at all times clearly identify themselves as a registered appraiser assistant.


The scope of practice for the appraiser assistant is the appraisal of those properties which the supervising appraiser is permitted to appraise.


An appraiser assistant will only be granted experience credit if they have demonstrated that they have provided substantial professional real estate appraisal assistance in all categories of experience as outlined in OAR 161-025-0025 (Supervising Appraiser (SA))(3)(a)(A) through (H).


The appraiser assistant is entitled to obtain copies of any appraisal reports on which they provided professional real estate appraisal assistance.


The appraiser assistant may have more than one supervising appraiser, each of whom must jointly maintain the appraisal experience log with the appraiser assistant to assure the log is accurate, current and complies with Oregon Administrative Rules. At a minimum, the appraisal log requirements shall include:


Type of property;


Date of Report;


Address of appraised property;


Description of work performed by the appraiser assistant and the scope of the review and supervision of the Supervisory Appraiser;


Number of actual work hours by the appraiser assistant on the assignment; and


The signature and state certification number of the supervisory appraiser.


If the appraiser assistant subsequently adds or changes a supervising appraiser, the appraiser assistant must submit a Change or Add Supervising Appraiser form, signed by the new supervising appraiser(s) along with a copy of the Supervising Appraiser’s Endorsement. Any experience gained with a new supervising appraiser prior to confirmation from the Board that the registration has been amended to include the new supervising appraiser(s) will not count as experience credit towards obtaining a real estate appraiser license or certificate.


Appraiser Assistance Logs must be prepared and maintained as described in OAR 161-025-0025 (Supervising Appraiser (SA))(3)(f)(B) and (C). Separate appraisal logs must be maintained for each supervising appraiser.

Source: Rule 161-025-0030 — Appraiser Assistant, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=161-025-0030.

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