OAR 161-040-0000
Inactive Status


A certified or licensed appraiser may, upon compliance with the provisions of this section, transfer his or her license or certificate from active to inactive status.


The appraiser shall submit a written request to the Board on a form prescribed by the Board, that he or she desires to be placed on inactive status and shall accompany the request with the appropriate fee and required continuing education.


The Board shall, promptly after receipt of such request, provide written notice to the applicant that the applicant has been placed on inactive status.


The applicant for inactive status shall not sign or issue any appraisal reports on or after the date he or she submits a request for conversion to inactive status to the Board


A person of inactive status may convert to active status as a state certified or state licensed appraiser, as applicable, upon submission of a renewal application, on a form prescribed by the Board, and upon that person’s submission of all information required by that form and payment of the appropriate fees.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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