OAR 165-001-0040
Evidentiary Rules


Evidence of a type commonly relied upon by reasonably prudent persons in the conduct of their serious affairs shall be admissible.


Irrelevant, immaterial or unduly repetitious evidence shall be excluded.


All offered evidence, not objected to, will be received by the administrative law judge subject to the administrative law judge’s power to exclude irrelevant, immaterial or unduly repetitious matter.


Evidence objected to may be received by the administrative law judge. If the administrative law judge does not rule on its admissibility at the hearing, the administrative law judge shall do so either on the record before a proposed order is issued or in the proposed order.


The administrative law judge shall accept an offer of proof made for excluded evidence. The offer of proof shall contain sufficient detail to allow the agency or court to determine whether the evidence was properly excluded. The administrative law judge shall have discretion to decide whether the offer of proof is to be oral or written and at what stage in the proceeding it will be made. The administrative law judge may place reasonable limits on the offer of proof, including the time to be devoted to an oral offer or the number of pages in a written offer.


Pursuant to OAR 165-001-0016 (Requesting a Hearing), evidence may not be taken at the contested case hearing on any factual or legal issue not raised in the charging document or the answer.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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