OAR 165-005-0080
Request for Delivery and Distribution of Voter Registration Cards


The purpose of this rule is to set out the procedures for handling requests for delivery of voter registration cards.


All requests for 100 or more voter registration cards shall be accompanied by a completed SEL Form 505 and will be filled as follows:


The County elections official shall fill requests for less than 500 voter registration cards;


The Secretary of State shall fill requests for 500 or more voter registration cards.


The Secretary of State shall maintain records to determine when an aggregate of 5,000 voter registration cards have been delivered to any person during the time periods described ORS 247.176 (Request for delivery of registration card)(1).


Requests by any person for voter registration forms in excess of the 5,000 aggregate during any one time period will be made to the Secretary of State. The Secretary of State will honor requests for delivery of more than 5,000 registration cards in the following circumstances:


When the request is made in writing and the requester agrees to pay the printing costs of the cards requested; or


When the request is made in writing and the requester provides the following information and assurances:


The requester provides a plan for distribution of the cards, including the names of persons or organizations involved in the registration drive, distribution locations, publicity related to the registration drive, coordination with other registration drives, if applicable, and any other pertinent details of the effort;


The requester provides written assurances that any unused registration cards after the completion of the registration drive will be returned to the Secretary of State.


At the discretion of the Secretary of State, requests for additional voter registration forms may be satisfied by authorizing the requesting person to print the voter registration forms at the person’s own expense, according to Secretary of State specifications.


The free public distribution of registration cards by a person approved by the Secretary of State under to print, copy or otherwise prepare and distribute voter registration forms, even though the distributor incurs costs in the distribution, does not constitute undue influence to affect registration, voting or candidacy.


Nothing in this rule shall be deemed to limit the distribution of voter registration forms to permanent registration locations as designated by the County elections official or to voter registration agencies as designated by the Secretary of State.


These procedures shall be construed liberally in order not to impede voter registration in this state.
[ED. NOTE: Forms referenced are available from the agency.]

Source: Rule 165-005-0080 — Request for Delivery and Distribution of Voter Registration Cards, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=165-005-0080.

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