OAR 165-022-0000


The terms used in this chapter have the same definitions as identified in ORS 251.005 (Definitions)(1), (3), (4), (5). For this chapter, the terms:


“Statements” refers to the county voters’ pamphlet filings made by candidates;


“Arguments” refers to the filings of measure arguments for inclusion in the county voters’ pamphlet;


“Words” refers to both words and numbers;


“Filing forms” for candidate statements, explanatory statements and measure arguments refers to the forms required and provided by the county clerk;


“City office” means any elected position of a city as specified by state law or city charter.


“Local government” means the county or a city, or district as defined in ORS 255.012 (“District” defined) located within the county.


For elected public offices, the terms:


“Paid office” means any elected public office for which the person elected will receive a fixed salary. For purposes of this rule, per diem and reimbursement for expenses do not constitute a fixed salary;


“Unpaid office” means any elected public office which is not a paid office.


Recall measures may be excluded from the county voters’ pamphlet.
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Jun. 24, 2021

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