OAR 166-475-0020
Contracts Records


Author’s and Artist’s Contracts and Agreements Records Records document the duly executed and binding contractual agreements between the institution and authors and artists concerning subjects such as royalties, pricing agreements, and copyright. Information in individual contracts or agreements may include but is not limited to terms and conditions; provisions; amendments; exhibits and addenda; and authorizing signatures. (Retention: (a) Permanent for authors’ contracts and agreements with university presses and artists agreements (b) 6 years after expiration for all other authors’ contracts and agreements, destroy)


Competitive Bid Records Records document the evaluation and award of bids to vendors and/or agencies and provides evidence of accepted and rejected bids. Records may include but are not limited to requests for proposals, bids, and information; bid and quote lists; notices of bid opening and award; comparison summaries; spreadsheets; tabulation worksheets; bid advertising records; tally sheets; bid specifications; and vendor correspondence. (Retention: Retain successful bids 6 years after bid awarded or canceled, destroy (b) Retain unsuccessful bids 3 years after bid awarded, destroy).


Contracts and Agreements Records Records document the negotiation, execution, completion, and termination of legal agreements between an agency and other parties. Records may include but are not limited to the official contract, lease, or agreement, amendments, exhibits, addenda, legal records, contract review records, and related documentation and correspondence. Records do not include property records. Note: Agencies that enter into contracts with the federal government must ensure that their contracts and agreements meet federal requirements specified in the Code of Federal Regulations. (Retention: (a) Retain contracts or agreements documenting building construction, alterations, or repair: 10 years after substantial completion (as defined by ORS 12.135 (Action for damages from construction, alteration or repair of improvement to real property) (3)), destroy; (b) Retain all other contracts and agreements: 6 years after expiration, destroy).


Defense Base Act (DBA) Records Records document insurance coverage for institutional employees in foreign countries who are not covered by the State Accident Insurance Fund (SAIF). These records include one year contracts with a mandated insurance carrier. This series may include but is not limited to: liability claims against the institution that are both open and completed; legal files with affidavits; accident reports; estimates for repairs; police reports; suit status reports; disbursement records; settlements; and related correspondence. (Retention: 10 years after all claims are settled, destroy)


Hold Harmless, Liability Waiver, and Release Records Records document the release of the institution or administrative unit from liability related to various activities involving students, faculty, or staff. Activities may include events such as sponsored field trips and physical education classes. Records include but are not limited to hold harmless, waiver, and release forms, related documentation, and correspondence. Information includes a statement from the participant that he/she assumes personal responsibility and holds the institution or administrative unit blameless for any accident or injury that may occur while participating, information about college insurance, description of the activity, and signatures of the participant. (Retention: 6 years after the end of the event or activity for which the waiver was signed, destroy)


Insurance Fund Claims Records document requests for payment of insurance claims from the Oregon Department of Administrative Services Risk Management Division. Records may include: Auto/Liability/ Property Claim Reports; estimates of repairs; accident reports; police reports; and correspondence. (Department of Administrative Services Risk Management Division maintains statewide record copy). (Retention: 5 years after claim paid or denied, destroy)


Insurance Policy Records Records document insurance policies written to cover all state property, automobiles, liability, and special events. Records may include but are not limited to copies of insurance policies, riders, and endorsements; records of payment; and related documentation and correspondence. (Retention: (a) 10 years after policy expiration for liability, motor vehicle, special event and employee group insurance policies, destroy (b) 5 years after policy expiration for state motor vehicle insurance, non-employee medical, and bonds policies, destroy (c) 2 years after policy expiration for fire, theft, or extended coverage policies, destroy (d) 1 year after final claim payment for any policy with an outstanding claim against it when the Retention period expires, destroy)


Intramural Sports Waivers Records document the legally and medically informed status of students, faculty, and staff participating in intramural sports activities. This form affirms that participants have been informed that they are not covered by the institution for injury or other medical situations and have been advised to seek private insurance. (Retention: 3 years after the conclusion of the intramural sports season, destroy)


Real Property Records Records document the real property acquired and sold by the institution. This series does not include leases. This series may include but is not limited to: purchase agreements; title abstracts; easement details; public hearing notices and minutes; county recorder’s plat descriptions; memoranda of understanding; earnest money receipts; sales agreements; property deeds; working papers; and related documentation and correspondence. (Retention: 6 years after property is sold, destroy)


Student Housing Contracts Appeals Records Records document the disposition of appeals made by residents who have been assessed the standard penalties for failing to follow the terms of their housing/food service contracts. These records consist of: students’ appeals stating their reasons for seeking modification of contract terms; decisions from the director of housing, including instructions for further appeal if students have additional relevant information and desire to proceed; and related documentation and correspondence. (Retention: 2 years after resolution, destroy)


Student Housing Contracts Records Records document occupancy in all institution-administered housing — residence halls, family housing, and cooperative housing. This series may include but is not limited to residence hall/cooperative house/student family housing applications and contracts; proof of admission records; and related documentation and correspondence. (Retention: 6 years after expiration of contract, destroy)


Trademarks Licensing Records Records document the legal authority for non-system agencies to use the logos and other symbols constituting the registered trademarks of the institution, such as “Benny the Beaver,” “Donald Duck” and the institutional seals/logos. The records consist of folders for each vendor or individual seeking legal use of institutional trademarks for any reason. This series may include but is not limited to: names and addresses of approved licensees; their annual gross dollar sales of Institutionally trademarked items; invoices showing royalties paid to the institution for use of the trademarks; licensing agreements; samples of the requesting licensees’ art work; and related documentation and correspondence. (Retention: 6 years after expiration of licensing agreement, destroy)
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