Oregon Oregon State Treasury

Rule Rule 170-055-0001
Definitions and Notice to Treasurer


Terms used in OAR 170-055 shall have the meanings given in ORS chapters 286A and 287A unless otherwise specifically defined herein.


“OST” means the Office of the State Treasurer.


“State agency” means a related agency defined in ORS 286A.001(8).


Whenever notice or information is required to be submitted by statute or rule to the Office of the State Treasurer acting on its own behalf or as staff to the Municipal Debt Advisory Commission or the Private Activity Bond Committee, such notice or information may be submitted:


By electronic submission to: [email protected];


By mail or delivery to: Debt Management Division of the Office of the State Treasurer, 350 Winter Street NE, Suite 100, Salem, Oregon 97301; or


By facsimile to 503-378-2870.

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Jun. 8, 2021