OAR 177-045-0010
Equipment Management Generally


General Equipment Management: The Director of the Lottery shall manage Lottery equipment pursuant to ORS 461.200 (Operation of lottery). The Director may place or remove Lottery equipment on a retailer’s premises when in the judgment of the Director it is in the best interests of the Lottery. The Lottery may discontinue or remove existing equipment, or may implement new or replacement equipment at any time and for any reason the Director determines is in the best interests of the Lottery.


Retailer’s Sales: A retailer’s sales, or in the case of an applicant, reasonably estimated sales, of Lottery tickets and shares are an important factor to be considered by the Director in managing Lottery equipment.


Equipment Inspection: The Lottery may access, inspect, furnish, repair, place, replace, upgrade, modify, add, or remove Lottery equipment at a retailer’s premises at any time during regular business hours.


Obsolete and Defective Equipment: The Lottery may replace obsolete or defective equipment with new, used, or refurbished replacement equipment.


Test Equipment: With the consent of the retailer, the Lottery may deploy equipment on the retailer’s premises to test the equipment. The Director or the Director’s designee shall determine how long the equipment will remain and the conditions of the test.


Other Laws: This rule does not preclude the Lottery from removing any or all of its equipment pursuant to any other applicable law, rule, or contract provision.


Smoking Prohibition: The Lottery will not place its equipment, terminals, tickets, or shares, in any smoking environment. The Lottery does not permit its employees, representatives, or agents to enter into, or to place Lottery equipment, terminals, tickets, or shares, or advertising in any smoking environment.

Source: Rule 177-045-0010 — Equipment Management Generally, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=177-045-0010.

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