OAR 177-052-0030
Entry Requirements


General: The only valid method of entry is electronic entry as described in this rule on the website or mobile app designated by the Lottery for second chance drawings. The person must be within the state of Oregon at the time of entry. The Lottery will not accept entries by mail, in person, or by other method.


Electronic Entry: To submit a valid electronic entry, a person must:


Successfully register as a member on a Lottery designated website or mobile app. A person may only have one active membership at a time. The Lottery must be able to verify the person’s age and identity;


Agree to the terms and conditions, as they are updated from time to time, provided on the website or mobile app;


Enter such information as the Lottery may require for each drawing and, for electronic entry on the mobile app, scan the barcode on an eligible ticket under the latex. Information required for each drawing may include, but is not limited to, the Game ID number, the alphanumeric entry code, and ticket information from the Lottery game ticket that is eligible for the particular second chance drawing;


Attest that the person is within the state of Oregon at the time of entry;


Provide any additional information as required by the Lottery; and


Submit the electronic entry prior to the deadline for submission of entries for the second chance drawing as announced by the Lottery.


Confirmation of Entry: For a ticket and drawing entry to be successfully entered into a drawing, the website or mobile app must validate each ticket and drawing entry and issue confirmation of the entry to the player.


Ticket Requirements: Only one Lottery game ticket or share may be used for each entry. If the second chance drawing specifies use of a Scratch-it ticket for entry into the drawing, only a Lottery Scratch-it game ticket from an active Scratch-it game, as specified by the Lottery, is eligible for entry into the second chance drawing. The Lottery may specify in the terms and conditions applicable to a particular drawing that submission of certain tickets or shares may constitute more than one entry in that drawing.


Single Entrant: Only one person per entry may submit an entry for a second chance drawing. An entry with more than one name on the entry form is invalid.


Other Entry Requirements: The Lottery may establish additional terms and conditions and entry requirements for any second chance drawing. These additional terms and conditions and entry requirements will be posted on a Lottery website, mobile app, or as otherwise announced by the Lottery.
(7) Invalid Entry: Failure to follow any of the terms and conditions, entry requirements, or rules of a second chance drawing invalidates the entry. An invalid entry is void and is not eligible for a second chance drawing prize. The Lottery does not return invalid entries to the entrant.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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