OAR 177-081-0010
Game Description


General: Pick 4 is a game based on four-digit numbers in which a player selects:


A single number from each of four columns of single-digit numbers from zero to nine. The player has the option of selecting a Quick Pick or choosing his or her own number selections;


One or more Match Choices from the seven possible Match Choice options; and


A wager of at least $1.00.


Sequence of Numbers: The player’s four number selections form a specific four-digit number sequence from left to right. The player’s number selections and subsequent Match Choices which match the winning numbers and the order of the winning numbers in accordance with OAR 177-081-0080 (Prizes)(1) selected at the drawing(s) on the date(s) indicated on the player’s ticket determine any prize amount won.


Place of Purchase: A Pick 4 Ticket may only be sold by and purchased from a Lottery retailer authorized to sell Pick 4 tickets, or a Lottery sales location.
Last Updated

Jun. 8, 2021

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