OAR 177-085-0040
Ticket Validation

To be a valid ticket and eligible to receive a prize, a Powerball® ticket shall satisfy all the requirements established by the Lottery for validation of winning tickets sold through its central computer system and any other validation requirements adopted by the MUSL Board, the Product Group, and published as the Confidential MUSL Minimum Game Security Standards. The Lottery and MUSL shall not be responsible for tickets which are altered in any manner, (or which fail to print except as provided in OAR 177-085-0015 (Powerball® Game Description)(4)). When a winning ticket is submitted to the Lottery for validation along with the Lottery’s completed claim form, and the Lottery has initiated the validation procedures, the Lottery retains possession of the winning ticket and claim form.
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2 years ago
(June 8, 2021)

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