OAR 177-100-0010

For purposes of division 100, the following definitions apply except as otherwise provided in OAR chapter 177, or unless the context requires otherwise:


“Certification” means the inspection process used by the Lottery to approve Video LotterySM game terminals and games.


“Decal” means the stamp displayed by the Lottery upon a Video LotterySM game terminal to provide notice that the Video LotterySM game terminal is authorized by the Oregon Lottery®.


“Display” means the visual presentation of Video LotterySM game features shown on the screen of a Video LotterySM game terminal.


“Gray machine” means a gambling device as described in ORS 167.117 (Definitions for ORS 167.108 to 167.164 and 464.270 to 464.530)(9).


“Manufacturer” means any individual, partnership, corporation, trust, association, joint venture, limited liability company, or other business entity that manufactures, assembles, services, or produces Video LotterySM game terminals or gray machines in Oregon.


“Service” means the activities of a manufacturer related to the maintenance, repair, testing, or quality assurance of gray machines.


“Video LotterySM” or “Video LotterySM game” means the following games conducted through Video LotterySM game terminals that are monitored by a central computer system:


Video poker games;


Video line games; and


Any other lottery game designated by the Oregon Lottery Commission as a Video LotterySM game.


“Video LotterySM game terminal” is a device operated under the authority of the Oregon State Lottery and has the meaning set forth in OAR 177-010-0003 (Definitions).
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Jun. 8, 2021

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