OAR 213-060-0030

As used in OAR 213‐060‐0010 to 213‐060‐0140, unless the context indicates otherwise:


“Commission” means the Oregon Criminal Justice Commission.


“Community-based programs” includes:


Work release programs;


Structured, transitional leave programs;


Evidence-based programs designed to reduce recidivism that include the balanced administration of sanctions, supervision and treatment;


Administering a reentry court under Section 29, Chapter 649, 2013 Oregon Laws;


Specialty courts aimed at medium‐risk and high‐risk offenders; and


Evidence-based policing strategies.


“County” includes a regional collection of counties.


“Grant Review Committee” means the Justice Reinvestment Grant Review Committee established under Section 53, Chapter 649, 2013 Oregon Laws.


“Program” means a program that is cost-effective as defined in ORS 182.515 (Definitions for ORS 182.515 and 182.525)(2) that is an evidence based program as defined in ORS 182.515 (Definitions for ORS 182.515 and 182.525)(3), that is a program as defined in ORS 182.515 (Definitions for ORS 182.515 and 182.525)(4), and that utilizes scientifically based research as defined in ORS 182.515 (Definitions for ORS 182.515 and 182.525)(5).


“Recidivism” has the meaning provided in ORS 423.557 (“Recidivism” defined for statistical evaluations)(1)(a).


“Trauma informed services” means providing the foundation for a basic understanding of the psychological, neurological, biological, and social impact that trauma and violence have on individuals, while incorporating proven practices into current operations to deliver services that acknowledge the role that violence and victimization play in their lives.


“Evaluations” means an assessment or study of sanctions, services, or programs funded in whole or in part by Justice Reinvestment Grant funds. This includes assessments of alignment with evidence-based practices; studies such as randomized controlled trials; quasi-experimental studies; and similar process and outcome methods, models, and approaches.
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Jun. 24, 2021

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