OAR 250-001-0060
Scope of Rules


The Board may regulate watercraft on all waters of this state. The Board’s primary interest lies in waterways where public access for boating is provided, available, allowed, or reasonably accomplishable and is commonly or frequently used by the general boating public.


The Board will not normally regulate waters of this state which are surrounded exclusively by privately owned lands, are sufficiently small so as to preclude access or severely limit public boating use, or are inaccessible to the general boating public by ordinary and usual means.


Restrictions on boats and boat operations adopted by the Board in compliance with statutory authorization shall apply to all watercraft including boats used for commercial activities, excluding:


Watercraft used for the law enforcement activities of authorized public safety agencies;


Search and rescue activities conducted by or under the direction of these agencies; and


Watercraft used for administrative or management functions performed by public agencies with jurisdiction over the subject waters or adjacent lands.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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