OAR 250-015-0005
License Application and Fees


An owner shall make application to the Board by completing and signing the Charter Boat License application as provided by the Board.


The applicant must certify in the space provided that the boat complies with the equipment requirements established by the Board.


The completed application must be accompanied by copies of:


The current U.S. Coast Guard “Certificate of Inspection” (if an inspected boat); or


Documents prescribed in OAR 250-015-0035 (Charter Boats Operating on Sole State Waters).


The charter boat operator must be in possession of a valid USCG Operators License appropriate for the area of operation.


Upon approval of the application a charter boat license, decal and validation sticker shall be provided to the applicant:


The Oregon charter boat license issued shall identify the applicant, the boat, whether or not the boat operates within 20 or less miles from shore, the license expiration and such other items as deemed appropriate by the Board. It shall be carried on board and made available upon demand of a peace officer;


The charter boat decals shall be of such size and color as designated by the Board and shall be displayed in any visually unobstructed location on the boat’s port and starboard cabin sides or windows, or in the case of an open boat, at or near the operator’s position, port and starboard, in as highly visible a location as possible. The validation sticker shall be affixed to this decal in the space provided.


A Charter Boat license may be issued either as an annual or biennial license. The fee for a two year biennial license is double the amount of an annual license fee as described in ORS 830.440 (License application)(3).

Source: Rule 250-015-0005 — License Application and Fees, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=250-015-0005.

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Jun. 8, 2021

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