OAR 250-017-0020

As used in these rules:


An “applicant” is an individual or individuals, group, corporation, company, business, partnership, adopting a section of river or waterbody.


A “spokesperson” is one individual with the authority to speak on behalf of the applicant.


A “participant” is an individual or member performing work on the river or waterbody as a representative of the applicant.


“Invasive Species” are noxious weeds identified by the Oregon Department of Agriculture in OAR chapter 603, division 052 “Quarantine; Noxious Weeds” or the appropriate county governing body as described in ORS 569.


“Litter” is any improperly discarded item including but not limited to wastepaper, garbage, cigarette butts, tires or appliances.


“Director” is the Director of the State Marine Board or the appointed representative or organization administering the Adopt-A-River Program.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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