OAR 255-065-0020
Establishment of Supervision Fees: Criteria, Disbursement of Fees


When a person is placed on parole or post-prison supervision, subject to supervision by either the Department of Corrections or a community corrections program established under ORS 423.500 (Definitions for ORS 423.500 to 423.560) to 423.560 (Local public safety coordinating council), the person shall pay a monthly fee to offset the costs of supervising parole or post-prison supervision. Fees are payable according to the terms set forth in ORS 423.570 (Monthly fee payable by person on supervised release).


The supervision fee shall be at a rate established by the supervising community corrections program In no case shall the fee be less than twenty-five dollars ($25) per month. If the community corrections program fails to establish the amount of the fee, the fee shall be $25.


The Board shall order the payment of the supervision fee as a parole or post-prison supervision condition and intentional and willful failure to pay the fee may be grounds for revocation of parole and post-prison supervision or, in the case of parole, extension of the supervision period.


In cases of financial hardship or when otherwise advisable in the interest of the released person’s rehabilitation, the community program director or the Director of the Department of Corrections, whichever is appropriate, may waive or reduce the amount of the fee.


Fees collected shall be transferred to the Department of Corrections or retained by the county as provided by statute.

Source: Rule 255-065-0020 — Establishment of Supervision Fees: Criteria, Disbursement of Fees, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=255-065-0020.

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