OAR 255-070-0015
Establishing Conditions


The Board may order an exit interview prior to the inmate’s release date to review the inmate’s case and set or approve conditions. See Division 60 for exit interview procedures.


If the Board decides to waive an exit interview, it shall specify the parole condition(s) prior to release and shall include the conditions on an order of supervision.


If the Board decides to waive an exit interview, it shall specify, in an order given to the offender upon release from incarceration, the post-prison supervision condition(s).


Once the Board establishes the conditions, the Board may amend the conditions and issue an amended order by:


Considering a requested modification administratively, if the amendment is requested before the inmate’s release on parole or post-prison supervision or if a condition is deleted after release; and


Citing to a hearing, if the amendment is requested after release and the offender does not consent in writing to the addition of conditions.


The Hearings Officer may amend the conditions, after a hearing, unless the offender waives the hearing. The Hearings Officer shall send notice of the amendment to the Board.


If the offender waives the right to a hearing and consents in writing to the addition of conditions, the supervising officer may amend the conditions. The officer shall send notice of the amendment to the Board.


If the Board does not override the Hearings Officer or supervising officer amended conditions, the Board shall issue an amended order of conditions, however, the condition is in effect from the date the supervising officer or Hearings Officer orders it.


The Board or the Hearings Officer shall conduct a hearing under section (4) and (5) of this rule applying rules governing violation hearings in division 75.


When a supervisory authority requests amended conditions before the inmate is released on parole or post-prison supervision, the supervisory authority shall submit the request in writing or by teletype to the Board prior to the release date.


An offender may appeal the conditions of parole or post-prison supervision pursuant to the procedures of division 80.

Source: Rule 255-070-0015 — Establishing Conditions, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=255-070-0015.

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