OAR 255-087-0030
Petitions for Relief


Forms - Petitions must be submitted on forms provided by the Board. That restriction does not apply to additional documentation necessary to support the petition, as described below.
(2) Submitting Materials
(a) Petitions must be complete when submitted. Incomplete petitions may be returned and may be denied. Materials must be legible and able to be copied.
(b) Petitions and accompanying documents shall be submitted to the Board by email, mail or via the Board’s website.
(3) Required Information – The registrant shall provide as much information as possible to address the following criteria:
(a) The nature of and degree of violence involved in the offense that requires reporting;
(b) The age and number of victims of the offense that requires reporting;
(c) The age of the registrant at the time of the offense that requires reporting;
(d) The length of time since the offense that requires reporting and the time period during which the registrant has not reoffended;
(e) The registrant’s performance on supervision for the offense that requires reporting;
(f) Whether the registrant has participated in or successfully completed a court-approved sex offender treatment program or any other rehabilitative programs;
(g) The registrant’s stability in employment and housing;
(h) The registrant’s community and personal support system;
(i) Other criminal and relevant noncriminal behavior of the registrant both before and after the offense that requires reporting; and
(j) Any other relevant factors.
(4) Accompanying Documents
(a) Petitioners should include:
(A) Supporting documents to all claims in the petition including: sexual offense history, criminal history, victim information, treatment records, employment verification, housing verification, community and personal support verification;
(B) Records from out of Oregon criminal activity including, but not limited to: police reports; judgment orders; disposition orders;
(C) Relevant records from supervision.
(b) For any missing or incomplete documents, petitioners shall provide the following information:
(A) The contents of the missing or incomplete documents;
(B) The entity that created the documents and where the documents may currently be located; and
(C) Actions that have been taken to locate the documents.

Source: Rule 255-087-0030 — Petitions for Relief, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=255-087-0030.

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