OAR 274-010-0155
Approval to Receive Benefits


The Department of Veterans’ Affairs shall determine the applicant’s eligibility to receive benefits.


The Department of Veterans’ Affairs shall then determine:


That the institution of learning is accredited and qualified to provide the training;


That the tuition and other charges are reasonable;


That the beneficiary has qualifications to pursue the course of training;


That the course of training, is satisfactorily completed, is likely to enable the beneficiary to become a more useful citizen.


If all the conditions provided in section (2) of this rule are met, the Department of Veterans’ Affairs shall approve the application.


Where a satisfactory showing is made that the required training is not available at an approved Oregon institution, the Department of Veterans’ Affairs shall permit the applicant to attend an out-of-state school or college.


Upon approval of the application by the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, benefits are payable:


Beginning with the first day of applicant’s attendance, subject to conditions under OAR 274-010-0120 (Applications)(2); or


Beginning on the date application is filed with executive head of the institution. If the applicant has failed to file promptly following registration and the delay is found to be caused by inexcusable oversight or neglect.

Source: Rule 274-010-0155 — Approval to Receive Benefits, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=274-010-0155.

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