OAR 274-036-0230


The Department will develop an application form.


The following documentation shall be submitted by the applicant with the application:


Evidence of service and separation must be documented on DD Form 214, a DD Form 215 Correction to DD Form 214, or other evidence of service provided by the Department of Defense or Department of Veterans’ that is satisfactory to the Department.


Proof of current Oregon residence, proof of enrollment as a student in an Oregon based program, and proof of enrollment in a program approved to receive G.I. Bill® benefits.


Proof of veteran eligibility to receive G.I. Bill® benefits.


An academic plan created and executed by an academic advisor and the applicant.
(e) The Department may, in addition to the information and evidence specified in the application, instructions, or rules and regulations, require such additional information and evidence as the Department deems necessary to establish the applicant’s eligibility.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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