OAR 274-037-0400

As used in OAR chapter 274, division 37, unless the context of the rule requires otherwise, the following definitions apply:
(1) “Applicant” means an Oregon Community College (ORS 341.005 (Definitions for chapter)) or Public University (ORS 352.002 (Public universities)) that has submitted a proposal to the Department.
(2) “Asset” means non-capital assets tangible or intangible property used in organization operations having a useful life beyond a single year and an initial cost (inclusive of ancillary charges) of less than $5,000. (Oregon Accounting Manual (OAM) 65.00.00 Glossary). Public stewardship, risk, and internal control concerns should govern the agency’s decision on how these assets are managed and tracked. OAM 10.50.00.PR.102
(3) “Award Letter” means an initial notification of award to a successful applicant, indicating the award amount, grant period and that a grant agreement will be prepared with all details as indicated in ORS 406.530 (Campus veteran resource center grant programs) (7)(b).
(4) “Capital Assets” means tangible and intangible property as defined as “capital assets” in the State of Oregon Accounting Manual, Number 10.50.00, as amended, that have initial estimated useful lives beyond a single year and have an initial cost of at least $5,000 and does not include items below $5,000. Examples of capital assets include land, land improvements, buildings and building improvements, motor vehicles, equipment and machinery, works of art and historical treasures, and infrastructure items such as state highways and airports.
(5) “Capital Improvement” means an action that increases the useful life of a capital asset or adapts a capital asset to a new use.
(6) “Department” OR “ODVA” means the Oregon Department of Veterans’ Affairs.
(7) “Evaluation Committee” means a committee selected by the Department to evaluate and score eligible grant proposals.
(8) “Grant Agreement” means a legally binding agreement between the Department and the recipient that contains the terms and conditions under which the Department is providing grant funds under ORS 406.530 (Campus veteran resource center grant programs) (7)(b) and the Request for Grant Proposals (RFGP).
(9) “Grant Program” means the Campus Veteran Resource Center (CVRC) Grant Program.
(10) “Policy” means specific guidelines used by the Department in the decision-making process.
(11) “Proposal” means a grant application submitted to the Department in response to the Request for Grant Proposal (RFGP).
(12) “Recipient” means an applicant that was selected as a recipient of grand funds by the Department and that enters into a grant agreement with the Department to receive funds from the grant program.
(13) “Veteran” has the meaning given in ORS 408.225 (Definitions for ORS 408.225 to 408.237).

Source: Rule 274-037-0400 — CAMPUS VETERAN RESOURCE CENTER GRANT PROGRAM Definitions, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=274-037-0400.

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